AWS A5.23: ECM1 Submerged Arc Welding Wire Welding Consumables

AWS A5.23: ECM1, Submerged Arc Cored Wire is a low-alloy composite metal-cored wire electrode for submerged arc welding in high-strength applications.

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AWS A5.23: ECM1, Submerged Arc Cored Wires Low-Alloy Steel ECM1 is a low-alloy composite metal-cored wire electrode for submerged arc welding in high strength applications. And it meets AWS A5.23 chemistry M1 and is designed for tensile strength levels above 80 ksi. FEATURES&BENEFITS • Metal-cored wire can offer improved deposition rates compared to solid wires at comparable amperages • Metal-cored wires offer broader penetration profiles compared to solid wires at comparable welding parameters • Provides very good low-temperature impact toughness in both the as-welded and stress- relieved conditions • Weld deposit chemical composition requirements are identical to those of EM1 solid wires • Suitable for use with a wide variety of fluxes • Provides potential to increase travel speed for improved productivity • Helps to prevent burn-through when welding at high currents on root passes and relatively thin materials. • Helps minimize the risk of cracking in critical applications or harsh service environments • Suitable as a higher productivity alternative in many applications currently using EM1 (or similar 80 ksi) solid wire • Provides versatility in procedure development and optimizing the performance of the welding application Industries Structural & bridge fabrication, heavy equipment, power generation, shipbuilding, offshore CURRENT Direct Current Electrode Positive (DCEP), Direct Current Electrode Negative (DCEN), Alternating Current (AC) STORAGE Product should be stored in a dry, enclosed environment, and in its original intact packaging AWS CLASSIFICATIONS