AWS E6010 Mild Steel Welding Electrode, Carbon Steel Welding Rods, High Cellulose Welding Stick

J425G (AWS E6010) is a high cellulose sodium-coated vertical downward electrode.

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Carbon Steel Welding Electrode  J425G                                                          GB/T E4310

AWS A5.1 E6010                                    

Description: J425G is a high cellulose sodium-coated vertical downward electrode. Use DCEP (direct current electrode positive), which is suitable for all-position vertical downward welding of the circular seam on the pipeline site. When welding the bottom layer, it can be welded on one side and formed on both sides, and the welding speed is fast. Application: Used for circumferential seam welding of various carbon steel pipes.   Chemical composition of weld metal(%):











  Mechanical properties of weld metal:

Test item

Tensile strength


Yield strength




Impact value (J)







  X-ray inspection:  II grade   Recommended current:

Rod diameter






Welding current


40 ~ 70

70 ~ 110

110 ~ 160

160 ~ 190

  Notice: 1. Unpack the welding rod before use, and use it up as much as possible after unpacking; 2. Generally, there is no need to dry it again before welding, and it can be dried at 70~90°C for 1 hour when it is damp.   Wenzhou Tianyu Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. We have been engaged in the manufacturing of welding electrodes, welding rods, and welding consumables for more than 20 years. Our main products include stainless steel welding electrodes, carbon steel welding electrodes, low alloy welding electrodes, surfacing welding electrodes, nickel & cobalt alloy welding electrodes, mild steel & low alloy welding wires, stainless steel welding wires, gas-shielded flux cored wires, aluminum welding wires, submerged arc welding. wires, nickel & cobalt alloy welding wires, brass welding wires, TIG & MIG welding wires, tungsten electrodes, carbon gouging electrodes, and other welding accessories & consumables.  

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